Two Russian tourists arrested in Thailand on unusual charges

Two Russian tourists arrested in Thailand on unusual charges

Two Russian tourists, men in their early 30s, have been arrested in Thailand on a very unusual charge. According to The Tiger, the men were arrested for begging, and judging by the details that the publication told, the next relocators ran out of money and tried to “extract” them from the pockets of the Thais through homelessness and begging. However, begging tourists in the country do not find understanding – they are expelled.

The details are as follows: the police detained two men – 32-year-old Alexander K. and 36-year-old Yevgeny M., on the streets of Surattahani, a city popular with tourists in southern Thailand. “Both men were arrested on suspicion that they are foreigners with a temporary tourist residence permit who are illegally engaged in begging,” the publication clarified.

Law enforcement officials also added that the men were detained at the Glowing Garden Fair near the Naris Bridge. They were holding posters in their hands, claiming that they were fleeing Russia in connection with recent events, as they did not want to mobilize, but their money had run out. “I don't want to go back. Can you help with a donation? Do you have free food?” – appealed to the Thais “relocants”.

However, immigration officers, as well as tourist police officers and representatives of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, responded to their call. According to their statement, Russian tourists engaged in begging, which in Thailand is “classified” as extortion of money.

At the station, however, the Russians stated that they arrived in Thailand on December 9, and then repeated the text on their posters – that they have run out of money and do not want to return to Russia. However, according to the publication, the status of a refugee does not shine for them. Thailand is interested in paying tourists, not in “escaping” beggars.

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