UAE competitor in the Persian Gulf announced a rapid increase in demand from Russian tourists

UAE competitor in the Persian Gulf announced a rapid increase in demand from Russian tourists

In the context of air sanctions and limited transportation, the demand among tourists for Middle Eastern destinations – competitors of the familiar UAE – is growing rapidly. Moreover, the destinations themselves are striving to expand the tourism sector at the expense of Russian tourists and offer good prices to tour operators. Thus, ATOR experts announced a noticeable increase in demand for Qatar in Russia, and especially organized tourists, thanks to special flight prices for tour operators. We are talking about a proposal from Qatar Airways, which almost halved the fares for flights from Russia for tour operators.

Tourists responded: according to Qatar Tourism, sales of package tours to Qatar in Russia in May 2022 increased by 2.5-3 times – and not in relation to last year, but to pre-pandemic indicators. At the same time, it cannot be said that the conditions for entry are very simple – while the “antique” restrictions in Qatar are tough, only vaccinated tourists can come to Qatar, but they will also need to confirm the authenticity of the certificate with a blood test for specific antibodies.

Experts are waiting that in the near future Qatar may ease restrictions – and if the action on air tickets for tour operators continues – demand will continue to grow. So far, these rules are more complicated than in the UAE and some other “neighboring” competitors – for example, Oman has already begun to weaken the entry rules for Russian tourists. Read the details at the link.

As for prices, at the moment, according to ATOR experts, Qatar is not a budget destination, but not an ultra-expensive one either. According to Intourist, now a tour to the Saraya Corniche 5 * hotel with a flight from Moscow on Qatar Airways costs 187,698 rubles. (departure June 20). On average, prices per night in hotels offered by tour operators – from 7 thousand rubles. up to 13 thousand rubles per night.

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