Ukrainian tourist committed an anti-Russian act of vandalism in Phuket

Ukrainian tourist committed an anti-Russian act of vandalism in Phuket

A Ukrainian tourist in Phuket was detained for an anti-Russian act of vandalism. The unfortunate “agitator” painted anti-Russian slogans on the famous observation deck in Wichita – anti-Russian slogans were spray-painted on the stones and benches of the Thai landmark.

Local residents of Wichita complained about vandalism – they said that many places on the popular The site of Khao Khad was painted by vandals with red spray paint. The fact that these are anti-Russian slogans, for them, of course, was secondary. The police, according to Phuket Express, checked data from CCTV cameras nearby, and as a result of the investigation, they arrested a 34-year-old Ukrainian woman and took her to the police station.

The police did not release the name of the tourist. However, the Wichita police chief, Colonel Chatri Chukau, told the publication that the Ukrainian woman has been in Thailand for three months and plans to return to Ukraine in the coming days. She also stated that she “did not want to harm the image of Phuket”, but “expressed her attitude towards Russia.” Also, like all such agitators caught on the hot, the Ukrainian promised “that she would no longer do this if she visits Phuket or Thailand in the future.

True, the head of police added that despite the woman's apology, she was still charged with vandalism. “The charge was brought strictly for vandalism, and not for expressing political views. There are better ways to express your opinion and thoughts than to ruin a well-known landmark,” the local police chief assured. It is also noted that it is unclear whether a Ukrainian woman will deserve a “yellow card” in accordance with the new classification of foreigners and their possible deportation (which can be read about here).

Also, as the publication assures, the act of vandalism caused a violent and controversial discussion on social networks: the Russians, according to media assurances, actively criticize this act, and many Ukrainians and Westerners express their support. The Thais themselves mostly resent the very idea of ​​defiling a famous natural landmark with inscriptions – regardless of their content.

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