Underwater utopia is being created in Thailand – a new attraction for tourists

Underwater utopia is being created in Thailand - a new attraction for tourists

Thailand plans to offer tourists an original underwater attraction on the site of old oil drilling rigs. An “underwater utopia like Aquaman,” according to organizers, is being developed near Pha Ngan Island in Surat Thani Province. One of the initiators of its creation was the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment of Thailand – its experts and developed plans for the use of decommissioned oil rigs to develop a new diving site for tourists.

The park will be located approximately 7.5 nautical miles northeast of Pha Ngan Island. Steel drilling rigs will be turned into artificial coral reefs to become part of the marine ecosystem. The project is carried out jointly by the American company Chevron, Chulalongkorn University, which invested almost 35 million baht in the enterprise, and the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

The project was launched back in April 2019. Supichai Thanjaitrong, managing director of Chula Unisearch at Chulalongkorn University, told local media that the artificial coral reefs are in the growth phase. They in turn attract fish and a number of other marine species. “Coral reefs need time to grow to be suitable as a new diving site,” he added.

At the same time, the Department of Natural Resources is betting that a new attraction can be built in Underwater Utopia coral reefs, attracting dive tour operators and divers. If successful, the area of ​​artificial coral reefs can be expanded.

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