Urine bags and diapers: the flight attendant spoke about the wild things she encountered on planes

Urine bags and diapers: flight attendant reveals wild things she's experienced on planes

Stewardess Marika Mukisova told in her book “The Diary of a Flight Attendant” about the wild things that she had to deal with on airplanes in her 5 years of work. In addition to the problems familiar to frequent flyers, the list includes such disgusting finds as urine bags and dirty diapers, writes DailyMail.

On most flights, according to Marika, the most unpleasant thing is the stink from the feet of some passengers. However, there are also flights with other nasty discoveries, most often associated with bodily fluids.

The flight attendant recalled how once a group of Turkish passengers were not allowed to leave their seats for some time due to suspicion of stealing goods from Duty Free. When they did leave, Marika found “a bag of urine on the floor.”

Often, unpleasant stains remain on aircraft seats after passengers. To save time, some cleaners simply cover them with blankets. “Sometimes they cover menstrual blood stains or a wet seat with a blanket. Then a passenger arrives, who should sit in this place, and is indignant. And we have to solve the problem,” complained Marika.

One day, on a flight, a flight attendant noticed how, right before the distribution of food, a mother changes her baby's diaper, sitting in her chair. Marika asked the woman to stop, but she continued anyway. After completing the flight, the flight attendant found smelly used diapers under the seat. However, according to her, such unpleasant “gifts” are not uncommon.

Stewardesses have previously told the press about what annoys them. Sarah Nelson, president of the Flight Attendants Association, asks never to press the call button for a drink. “Don't use the call button to ask for a drink… The call button is not a vodka and tonic button. It's meant for emergencies,” Sarah said.

Another flight attendant recalled a creepy story when a passenger after a flight found her on social media. “The passenger flirted with me and was a little annoying about it on the plane. I was scared when he found me, and now I don’t really want to wear a name badge,” the girl complained.

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