Vacation in Turkey was a complete disaster: 140 tourists sued a hotel in Antalya

Holiday in Turkey was a complete disaster: 140 tourists sued the hotel in Antalya

Turkish hotels began a massive “attack” with lawsuits from British tourists: more than 140 vacationers who lived in the five-star Mukarnas Resort & Spa in Turkey, said they suffered a serious illness during their vacation, although the reviews of various travelers published on various independent Internet sites at the same time when the “victims” were resting signal only pleasant experiences. The hotel administration suspects the British of mass fraud in order to extract money from the hotel for pseudo-poisoning. Russian tourists have not yet been seen in such mass lawsuits.

Dozens of families living in a resort spa hotel in the resort village of Okurcalar, which is 40 km from Alanya (Antalya province), were disappointed in their vacation in a Turkish hotel, because each of them allegedly got an upset stomach, Turkish media reported, citing the British Daily Mail.

According to tourists, flies were flying all over the hotel, toilets and pools were dirty, and the organization of the buffet was held in unsanitary conditions. As a result, more than 140 people sued because of the indigestion they had during this period.

Among the victims, for example, were 45-year-old Julie O'Sullivan, her 46-year-old husband Harry Hunt and their children: a 16-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter. The background is as follows: the family went on vacation on May 29 through the travel company Jet2holidays. During the first few days of the week-long trip, everyone became ill, complaining of symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. “We were looking forward to leaving for a long-awaited vacation, but just two days after we arrived, Harry and I fell ill. It happened suddenly and for the first 24 hours I had constant vomiting and diarrhea. Then our children also felt uncomfortable. We spent most of our holiday in our room. We couldn't enjoy day trips. It was terrible. The whole vacation was a complete disaster,” the tourist explained her indignation.

The hotel’s response was categorical: the British took up the “old” and want to relax for free

The Turkish hotel responded to the claims of the British vacationers there, calling the claims completely unfounded and said it would file counterclaims for damages. According to the owners of the 5-star hotel, none of the guests complained about this, only the British.

According to the sales and marketing director of Mukarnas Resort & Spa, this is most likely the machinations of British law firms that convince potential clients to make a deal with them and file a claim for damages. In fact, this is probably again a fraudulent scheme with poisoning and malaise – in this way the company wants to earn and secure an uninterrupted flow of new customers, and tourists to win the case – and receive compensation for the imaginary poisoning, which means to reimburse all the funds spent to rest.

Here is how one of the leaders of the Mukarnas SPA & Resort: “Our top priority is guest satisfaction. There have been cases when tourists really get sick, but this is not our fault. For example, in early June, oil was found in the waters of Antalya, then Antalya tourists were found to be unwell, children and adults were sick with rotavirus in the summer. As the oil products moved along the Turkish coast, the disease itself spread. However, this is not our area of ​​responsibility. Everything is recorded in the doctors' reports.

The representative also noted that what the hotel is directly responsible for is being carried out: all areas are disinfected, food and drinks offered to guests are stored, as expected, cold and hot, and served in accordance with a certain standard. “All this is checked by independent audit firms and inspectors of the Ministry of Health at certain periods, and during the whole season there were no adverse situations. We have all the reports, ”he added and said that the TUI and Jet2 tour operators with whom they work have copies of the sanitary documents. In addition, the manager emphasized that the hotel values ​​its reputation and has the necessary safety certificates and ISO 22000 certification for food.

“Unfortunately, some of our British guests, whom we consider self-serving, have decided such a“ black » a way to get back the money spent on vacation. It is as part of this strategy that they spread negative comments on social networks. It is strange if in a hotel with a total capacity of 500 people, only 50 of them were supposedly injured, while others were not. As a result of the damage caused to our brand, a counterclaim was filed against them for compensation for material and moral damage through a law firm with which our company agreed in the UK, ”summed up a representative of the Turkish hotel.

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