Vietnam will lure Russian tourists from Thailand: changes in the visa regime are proposed

Vietnam will lure Russian tourists from Thailand: visa regime changes proposed

In the countries of Southeast Asia, the story of the coronavirus has finally ended and a stage of intense competition for tourists has started. In this regard, Vietnam intends to “poach” part of the Russian tourists from Thailand, following the competitor's changes in its visa regime. In particular, Vietnam is discussing the possibility of visa-free entry for 30, 45, and for some categories up to 90 days, like their main competitor.

Strictly speaking, the initiative is aimed not only at Russian tourists, but also at those who still enter Vietnam on visas – and this is not easy. Although for the Russians, the extension of the period of validity of the permitted stay in Vietnam is also relevant. Recall that our tourists can enter Vietnam without a visa and without any problems for 15 days. At 30, you will already need to apply for a visa – and problems may arise in connection with payment by cards.

According to Vietnam Net Global, the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) plans to expand the number of tourists eligible for visa-free travel, with a maximum stay of 30-45 days. And it will be a great incentive for foreigners planning a trip to Vietnam. For some categories of tourists, Vietnam, like Thailand, plans to extend the possibility of a visa-free stay for 90 days. It is also proposed to expand the possibility of obtaining an e-visa to all countries.

Vu The Binh, chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association, called on the authorities and the tourism industry to “work closely” on this issue in order to resolve it as quickly as possible, since the issue of attracting tourists had to decide “already yesterday”. Last year, Vietnam received only 3.6 million foreign tourists, which is only 70% of the planned. This year, the authorities plan to accept 8 million people.

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