Vouchers or ticket cards: Turkey has found a temporary replacement for MIR

Coupons or ticket cards: temporary replacement for MIR found in Turkey

Turkish tourism professionals are looking for an alternative to MIR cards for Russian tourists. One of the proposals voiced by them is “ticket cards” or in some way “coupons” – a kind of deposit that does not violate the sanctions against the Russian payment system.

As stated in the newspaper Sabah, the professionals proposed for tourists from Russia to create special “ticket” cards, which, probably, when buying a tour in Russia or together with the purchase of a tour, some funds will be credited. In Turkey, the card can be used in restaurants, shopping and entertainment establishments. The credited money, according to the proposal of the initiators, “tour operators will send by “ticket” cards to restaurants, shopping and entertainment establishments.”

In the meantime, the only advice for tourists is to come to Turkey with cash. At the same time, as commented in the Turkish media, the peak season for Russian tourists has already passed, it falls on the period from May to September.

“In other words, since this decision was not made at the height of the season, we are in a better position. At the moment, the Mir ban will not have a big impact on Antalya hotels,” Turkish experts say.

Let us remind you that not everyone agrees with this. “We will not allow foreign politicians to covet the bread of our professionals in the field of tourism,” the Turkish Vatan party, which organizes protests against US pressure on Turkey and demands to stop using the Russian MIR payment system, came out with such a protest slogan. Despite pressure from European and other credit organizations, Turkey categorically does not want to refuse to work with the Russian payment system and “close the doors” for Russian business. Read more at this link.

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