We are here, as in a country house: a Russian woman was very surprised when she met a Russian family in an unpopular resort in Egypt

We are here like in a dacha: a Russian woman was very surprised when she met a Russian family in the unpopular resort of Egypt

The Russian woman went to the Egyptian resort of Ain Sokhna, popular with the Egyptians and unknown to the Russian tourist, and unexpectedly met a family of compatriots there, who came to the hotel for two months, as if to a summer house. The traveler told the details in a blog on Yandex.Zen.

We are talking about the four-star hotel Retal View Beach – this is where the Russians stayed, although the resort is widely known only by the inhabitants of Egypt. As it turned out, a Russian family – a grandmother and two children of kindergarten age – came there from Moscow to improve their health. “And here we are like in a country house,” the woman said … This winter, everyone was sick a lot – and I three times, and the children always coughed. We decided that we needed to fully recover. You won’t arrive for a long time on a tour package, and the prices in Hurghada and Sharm are much higher, ”she shared.

As a result, we bought air tickets to Cairo on a regular flight and booked a hotel on our own. The issue with the transfer to Ain Sokhnu, which is about 170 km, was solved using the online service Qiwi.taxi, paying $ 74 (about 6 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate).

Tourists from Moscow liked the hotel. “The sea is nearby, the pool is nearby, there is enough food, water slides for children and children's animation – what else do we need?” – noted the dignity of the interlocutor. At the same time, the author of the post noted that young travelers would probably get bored there in 60 days, because. there is nothing to do and see outside the hotel – there is only a small grocery store.

The grandmother of two grandchildren said that they do not need to go outside the territory, food – breakfast and dinner – suits them. “From breakfast, they are allowed to take a plate of croissants to the room, and she brought a lot of quick soups with her (there is a kettle in the room), and for dinner they are fed to satiety,” the blogger said.

In addition, there are few guests in the hotel. Most of the vacationers are tourists waiting for cruise ships and arriving closer to the port in advance: some cruise ships depart from Ain Sokhna.

The Russian woman did not specify how much such a long-term vacation cost, but she was sure that it was cheaper, than in any hotel in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. For reference: the author of the post, who also came on vacation with children, paid $26 for a room with breakfast and dinner (2.1 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate). This is a special price during the holy month of Ramadan. But at the end of it (after April 20 in 2023) and in May, the cost rises.

Reference: Ain Sokhna is a resort almost unknown to Russian tourists, which is located on the shores of the Gulf of Suez Red Sea. You can’t buy package tours from Russian tour operators there, in addition, charters do not fly to the resort from Russia. However, this is one of the most interesting places to stay in Egypt.

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