We don't need a tourist who eats pasta and spends $10 a day – Minister made a statement

We don't need a tourist who eats pasta and spends $10 a day – the minister made a statement

“We will not target tourists who spend $10 a day and stuff their stomachs with pasta,” said New Zealand Tourism Minister Stuart Nash, demonstrating to the world a desire to attract only “high-quality” travelers.

Disputes about the target audience of tourists continue in many countries of the world. In particular, having opened the borders after the coronavirus pandemic, some of them decided to abandon budget tourists, because, in their opinion, the mass but poor tourist flow is not good for the economy. Thailand, Spain, Italy and a number of other areas have declared support for such a course. Now distant and exotic New Zealand has joined them. Thus, the Minister of Tourism has repeatedly made a statement about who he would like to see as vacationers on the island state.

According to the official, New Zealand, divided from Australia by the Tasman Sea, should not be guided by budget tourists , because this category of visitors does not spend much and tries to eat sparingly while traveling, New Zealand media reported.

In the vanilla dreams of politics, the average portrait of a tourist is as follows: a traveler must fly business class, rent a helicopter and eat expensive food. “We are waiting for tourists. But we're not targeting people who share on social media how to travel around New Zealand eating pasta and spending $10 a day. We will focus on vacationers who fly to us in business/first class or on private jets, who can hire helicopters and eat expensive meals,” he said.

The minister’s dissatisfaction with “cheap” travelers has already been criticized by experts tourism. Their main argument is that the minister is under illusion that the wealthy holidaymakers targeted by Nash leave a higher ecological footprint in the countries they visit, so these tourists do not contribute more to the economy than the rest.

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