We fix the flow of our tourists from Goa: the Consul General of the Russian Federation spoke about new points of attraction in India

We record the flow of our tourists from Goa: the Consul General of the Russian Federation spoke about new points of attraction in India< /p>Russian tourists are ready to “try out” alternatives to the Indian resort of Goa, so there is already a “flow” of their southern states of India – Kerala and Karnataka. This statement was made in an interview with TASS by Consul General of Russia in Chennai Oleg Avdeev during the Indo-Russian Travel and Tourism Fair in Kerala.

“Recently, South India has become more and more attractive destination for our tourists. This is Kerala, already widely known to our tourists for its Ayurvedic clinics and resorts, and – especially recently – the state of Karnataka,” the diplomat said. He noted that Russian tourists appreciated the northern part of Karnataka, which borders on the state of Goa. So the south has every chance. “We record a certain flow of our tourists from Goa to Karnataka. In addition, there is an increase in prices for holidays in Goa,” Mr. Avdeev noted.

Among other areas with development potential for the Russian market, he named other states of the south – Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, where there is a developed beach infrastructure. “We are now seeing an increase in the flow of tourists from Russia to the southern part of India. I am confident that this process will continue with renewed vigor,” added Mr. Avdeev.

Recall that India has abolished most of the “covid” requirements for foreigners entering. Including tourists will not need to fill out various forms, such as Air Suvidha when checking in for a flight. They also got rid of annoying masks. Read the details at this link.

However, the resort of Goa is by no means going to give up. Especially if he gets “desired” Russian charters. Recall that the tour operator Anex Tour announced a real squadron of flights to Goa: flights to the popular Indian resort will be launched almost immediately from five Russian cities. All this will happen during November. To previously announced flights from Moscow from November 13, Yekaterinburg from November 15 and Kazan from November 16, flights from Omsk from November 22 and Perm from November 29 were added. Read more here.

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