We no longer send Russian tourists: the damn dozen tour operators left the market

We no longer send Russian tourists: a damn dozen tour operators have left the market

Thirteen tour operators or the “damn dozen” have been struck off the Federal Register due to financial guarantee problems. Thus, these companies no longer send Russian tourists abroad. Another tour operator ceased operations “due to the inability of the tour operator to fulfill its obligations to sell the tourist product.” This is the result of the latest order of the Federal Tourism Agency.

As for the “damn dozen” victims “due to failure to provide information about the availability of financial support”, these are the following companies:

  1. Premier Avia LLC
  2. School on wheels”
  3. LLC “Union of Oryol travel agencies “Travel company Yugtur””
  4. LLC “Tour around the country”
  5. LLC “Tour Event”
  6. < li>Tour Operator No. 1 LLC

  7. Lingua Educational Center LLC
  8. WakePark LLC
  9. Transavtotour – Ufa LLC
  10. < li>Karlov Stvor LLC

  11. Bulgun LLC
  12. Kamchatkaserf LLC
  13. Wild Siberia LLC

< p>In turn, the company that left the register “due to the inability of the tour operator to fulfill its obligations to sell the tourist product” – in fact, with bankruptcy, was the tour operator KaspiTour. Thus, only 366 outbound tour operators remained in the register for more than 4.3 thousand registered companies. Note that during the pandemic, their number was about 400.

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