Weapons, booze and prostitutes: police raids began on the beaches of Pattaya

Guns, booze and prostitutes: police raids began on the beaches of Pattaya

Police raids began on the Thai resort of Pattaya, including on the beaches of the resort. Moreover, they will be carried out in an enhanced mode, especially at night. As the police explained to the local media, the main “object of search” are weapons and drugs, and prostitution has also been added to the list of illegal activities – the police will look for “moths” who earn money in the wrong places.

The reason for the aggravation of the rules was Thai citizens who recently violated all these prohibitions: over the weekend, a group of students, according to Thai media, staged a shootout outside the police station of the resort. As a result, patrols were strengthened, and the fight against “lawlessness” reached a new level.

Tourists, however, were warned that other, safer actions would also be included in the list of offenses. “The police are planning to conduct regular patrols and be much stricter about things like drinking on the beach and other disorderly conduct. We ask tourists and resort residents to help make Pattaya's beaches safer for everyone,” the police said in a statement.

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