Weeping began in Turkey: the blow to tourism came from an unexpected side

Weeping began in Turkey: tourism hit from an unexpected side

The sanctions imposed against Russia eventually led to the fact that the tourism industry in Turkey began to fight en masse for survival. In particular, this also applies to problems with Mir cards and other difficulties. This was stated by the Turkish newspaper Turkiyeturizm.

“The Turkish economy is heavily dependent on foreign visitors. It is especially important that in the first seven months of 2022, 2.2 million Russian tourists entered the country. However, anti-Russian sanctions literally prevent tourists from investing in the Turkish economy, and local entrepreneurs from earning. But many of them stay afloat with the last of their strength.

The problem concerns even the most everyday travel expenses. Nico Valdez, the owner of a fish restaurant in the Bosphorus, complained to the publication that his business was one of the places that faced problems this year. “We have a big problem with credit cards. The Russians who come to the restaurant have credit cards… but they don't work. I'm in a panic, and my guests are extremely unhappy. Such a measure harms not only Russian tourists,” the expert said.

At the same time, the publication separately draws attention to the fact that those against whom sanctions have been imposed – that is, Russian oligarchs – are much more protected than an ordinary tourist. So a large number of yachts owned by Russian oligarchs went to Turkey after Western sanctions against Moscow back in February. At the same time, they are frankly trying to push Turkey into sanctions that are extremely disadvantageous to it – the publication recalls, for example, that in August the United States warned that Turkish companies risk being punished if they work with Russians who are under sanctions.

Ankara is officially stated that she did not intend to bring down trade with her neighbors. No wonder: Turkey's official inflation rate has risen above 80% – as a result, tourism revenues are especially important this season. “Given the macroeconomics in Turkey at the moment and the serious need for all kinds of foreign exchange in Turkey, I can say that Russian tourists are very important,” said economist Can Selcuk.

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