What is the difference between American women and Russian women: a Russian who moved to the USA found several differences

In total, the Russian woman singled out such features.

  • As for the appearance, as the blogger assured, “in Russia, false eyelashes or nails have long been abandoned,” while American women are still actively using it. “Because there is demand, American supermarkets have a huge selection of false eyelashes (both black, and colored, and with rhinestones) and nails with a variety of designs,” she said. According to the blogger, the main reason is convenience and time saving. “If necessary, I stuck it on, but in everyday life it’s more comfortable without all this,” she appreciated.
  • But American women do not like long-term cosmetic changes, in particular, they do not “puff out” their lips. “Among all the girls that I met in America, only one had pumped up lips. And yes, it was Russian,” the blogger said.
  • As for the mentality, the blogger sees the main difference in “plans for life”. “Americans are making plans with the fact that only closer to thirty they will start a family and give birth to children. Of course, in Russia now this is also true, but girls in America stand firmer in their plan, ”she formulated.
  • Another difference is that American women are very noisy. “When I go out to the common lounge (a public space for residents of an apartment complex), I always hear American women. American girls speak loudly and do not hesitate to laugh out loud as well,” she said.
  • The blogger also spoke about the behavior of American women in clubs. “American women are very fond of wearing short dresses and tops and are not at all shy about looking open and dancing in a club. I also noticed that girls often wear bright pants with patterns or in acid colors, ”she said. At the same time, the guys are usually either in jeans or sportswear.

In passing, the blogger spoke about the cost of going to an American club. According to him, at the entrance she paid $20, and after that she took one cocktail for $18. “Then the course was a little different, about 75 rubles, that is, the entrance cost 1,500 rubles, and a cocktail 1,350 rubles,” she added.

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