Where did I go? The famous actress explained why she traded luxury Maldives for budget Egypt

Where have I gone? A famous actress explained why she traded luxury Maldives for budget Egypt

The famous actress Kristina Asmus had to justify herself to her subscribers on social networks and explain how she could exchange the luxury Maldives for budget Egypt. According to The Voice, the star of the film “Bulki” has already managed to relax in Dubai on New Year's Eve and now decided to please subscribers with a new trip.

But they seem to have expressed bewilderment at her choice, saying that she “rolled from luxury to budget. And the ex-wife of Garik Kharlamov assures: going to Egypt is “nishtyak.”

“In the comments, they were worried about why Egypt and not the Maldives? Where did I go. Guys, one second! For me, it slipped down – this is to stop helping people, not to communicate with the child, to lose yourself and all because of alcohol and drugs, to cash in on the helpless, to work out the agenda for selfish purposes and all the options for dishonest behavior. And to go to Egypt in your free time and with honestly earned money – in my opinion, nishtyak! – the star told her subscribers.

She also tried to assure them that she had been to the Maldives many times, but she chose Egypt, since she had only a few days to travel, and “spend a day on the road and crazy money on tickets are irrational. “But I have never been to Egypt and for a very long time I wanted to see the pyramids and Luxor. And now is not super-hot and just the perfect time for this. You can also “roll down” to excursions, ”said the movie star, showing her followers a cruise on the Nile.

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