Where Russian tourists go in the conditions of collapse: destinations and level of demand for them have become known

Where do Russian tourists go in the conditions of the collapse: destinations and the level of demand for them have become known

Although bookings of tours abroad with tour operators have decreased in a “dramatic” volume, by their definition, fearless Russian tourists who are ready to travel to open destinations are still there. Experts from the Russian travel market told Izvestia about this.

Note that many tour operators simply closed flights abroad for March, including Anex Tour, Coral Travel and Sunmar. At least until the end of March, they plan to carry out only export flights.

In “Intourist” “Izvestia” just announced a “dramatic” reduction in bookings – 25 times. However, some tourists “survived”. “Mostly now they are booking tours to short-haul mass destinations, where air transportation has been preserved. These are Abkhazia, Armenia, Turkey. We have not stopped booking vaccine tours to Istanbul, but demand has fallen for obvious reasons – there is nothing to fly on, ”Intourist said. They also added that on direct regular flights from Moscow, the tour operator offers sightseeing tours to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Istanbul, Qatar. With transfers, you can fly to Thailand – to Phuket and Pattaya, as well as to Mauritius, the Seychelles and the Maldives.

Recall that earlier optimistic statements were made by tourists. “Solutions are being sought, and they will be found,” this is how a representative of travel retail in social networks tried to reassure tourists on the second day of the “sanctions iron curtain”. Tour operators are already looking for a way out and some “bypass routes” have already been found, albeit on a minimum of destinations. Read more here.

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