Where to go without a visa: a rating of the most visa-friendly countries in the world has been compiled

Where to go without a visa: the rating of the most visa-friendly countries in the world

The rating of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world – that is, countries that support visa-free travel with the maximum number of destinations – was presented by the Passport Index portal. At the head of the ranking were the states that received 198 points – they can be visited without a visa or with a visa on arrival by tourists from almost 200 countries. I must say, this list includes such recognized leaders in the acceptance of tourists as the Maldives – and, to put it mildly, not very attractive countries – such as Somalia.

In total, 21 countries entered the top: these are Angola, Bolivia, Burundi, Cambodia, Comoros, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Malawi, Maldives, Micronesia, Nigeria, Rwanda , Somalia, South Sudan, Timor-Leste and Tuvalu. Each of these countries received 198 points, which means that they allow visitors from almost 200 countries to visit without a visa or issue a visa on arrival. By the way, the other “paradise islands”, the Seychelles, almost fell short of the leaders of the rating, being in the second group, with 197 points “issued”, obviously by the number of countries where visa-free entry is allowed. It also includes Cape Verde, Uganda, Mauritania and Suriname.

In the seventh group, with 192 points of hospitality, Sri Lanka, which is popular with our tourists, fell in 12th place out of 177, another island beloved by our tourists – Cuba. At 17 with 161 points – India, which allows Russian tourists on an electronic visa. Of the countries of the “post-Soviet space”, Uzbekistan turned out to be the most “friendly”, taking 25th place with 139 points, followed by Armenia in the 26th group. One after another is followed by visa-free destinations beloved by our tourists, such as Turkey and Egypt, occupying 30th and 31st places, respectively, with a rating of 119 and 118. Israel and Tunisia, visa-free for Russians, were in 39th place with a result of 99 countries, followed by Montenegro, theoretically continuing to be visa-free.

European countries for the most part were in 45th place – they allow visa-free tourists from 92 countries. As for Russia, it is significantly behind the Europeans in terms of “friendliness”, occupying the 65th position. Without a visa, people from 63 countries of the world can enter us. At this point, we are neighbors with Brunei. However, we are more hospitable than the United States, which ranked 71 with 45 points. Interestingly, Iraq is in the same position. Even lower – visa-free for Russian organized tourists China – it accepts tourists from only 21 countries without a visa and occupies 73rd position.

As for the last, 85th position, it was expected that there were states, to put it mildly, rarely visited by tourists . These are North Korea, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. There is simply no visa-free entry to these countries.

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