Why is everyone crying in Dubai because of Russian tourists: a Russian revealed the sad realities

Why is everyone in Dubai crying because of Russian tourists: a Russian revealed sad realities

In Dubai, everyone is crying from the influx of Russian tourists: the massive relocation of “long-term” Russian tourists to this emirate has led to both expected and unexpected problems, mainly related to real estate. This information was announced on his channel in Yandex.Zen by a travel blogger. As he stated, “there were quite a few Russians in Dubai before, but after February 24, their number increased sharply, many relocated, having the opportunity to choose Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia, which are not cheaper and easier to live, and the option is more expensive and more respectable.” Also, according to him, many have moved capital and business to the country.

This affected the lives of “ordinary Emirates” partly as expected – the prices for renting real estate have risen sharply. “This is noted by all my friends, especially those who moved later and tracked how the price of rental housing changes. Demand jumped the most for apartments in residential complexes of the middle category (which is before the luxury class). My friends say that in some complexes in convenient places it is simply impossible to rent anything now. And for a period of up to 1 year, rent is becoming more and more difficult even where there are free apartments, ”said the blogger. Note that there is nothing unusual in the situation itself – it was also recorded in Turkey.

But the second problem turned out to be specific to Dubai – parking spaces in the underground parking lots of residential buildings were also in short supply. “In Dubai, all cars are only in the underground parking. At the same time, everything is arranged differently from ours, that the entrance there is available only to those who have bought a parking space. And to all residents of the house. You have to pay for parking, but the parking space is not assigned to you. Everything is like in a shopping center: where it is free, leave the car there, ”the blogger explained. According to him, our citizens often rent or buy several cars at once, for themselves, their spouses, and adult children. As a result, there were not enough parking spaces.

“Therefore, in the underground parking lots of residential complexes, there are many places where you can see pictures like those above: toys are parked in the most convenient places, a chair and any other large thing is placed ( I even saw a tent) showing that it was occupied,” the blogger added. However, as he was clarified in the comments, in many respects, not so much the Russians as the Indians are responsible for the “influx” of the population.

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