Wild requests from private jet passengers: a flight attendant revealed the secrets of the life of wealthy tourists

Wild requests from private jet passengers: stewardess reveals the secrets of the life of wealthy tourists

Tourists who can afford to charter a private jet often have “more money, than mind.” This was told on the pages of the Dailystar by a woman pilot of such a private jet, as well as her team, presenting the wildest requests of wealthy tourists.

As the pilot said, firstly, these tourists either neglect safety requirements or comply with them to the point of paranoia. So, according to the pilot, she was once asked to make her plane “dance” for a group of noisy passengers. “They asked to make the plane bob up and down so that the bouncing motions would help them dance,” the pilot said. Moreover, a flight attendant was once asked if the pilot could leave the helm “to dance with those on board,” they said.

On the other hand, not only are male passengers regularly worried when they see that the pilot is a woman. More than them, she remembered the complete opposite of the dancing tourists – the company that asked to buckle up every passenger on board, including a small dog. Another amazing tourists asked not to look the passengers in the eyes and not to talk to them. Instead, all communication went through their personal assistant.

Some tourists, on the contrary, made the crew of the plane feel far from safe, and even in a “tickle situation”. So, once she took away a prisoner from Australia, who was extradited to the United States. The convict was led to the plane surrounded by three officers, which made the pilot “a little unnerved.” On another occasion, a flight attendant found customers in compromising positions. “The call signal rang, I went to the passenger section. However, when I opened the door, I realized that it was probably a false call, because they were writhing half-naked, ”the stewardess said.

Against this background, elite drinking on board aircraft is the most common occurrence. Often, flight attendants have to help guests get off the plane after they have “pampered themselves” too much.

At the same time, according to the pilot, renting an aircraft costs from 3200 to 6400 pounds per hour (326-650 thousand rubles). ). That is, a flight from London to New York costs about 80,000 pounds sterling, including fees and meals (over 8 million rubles).

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