Women revealed the secret of how to live safely in a hotel room

Women revealed the secret of how to live safely in a hotel room

“Are you a woman? Are you traveling alone? You may have had some embarrassing moments in your past with meeting a stranger in your room and you want to be safe,” begins a Tiktok video in which a user named lifestyledbyerie talks about the tricks she takes to safely check into a hotel room and avoid other dangers.

She begins her visit to the room by propping up the open door with a suitcase so that it does not slam shut if the tourist suddenly has to flee urgently. Next, she checks all the places where an unsafe visitor can hide – closets, a bathroom, a place under the bed, a balcony. Next, the stewardess closes the front door – including on a chain – and puts a special lock-stopper under it, which is sold for separate money. “When I was a flight attendant, I had unpleasant encounters with those who tried to break into my room, so I always travel with this,” she explains about the additional lock.

Another flight attendant supplemented these recommendations with this set of helpful tips. “Always knock before you enter, even if you think you're the only one with a key card, and never forget to put a chain on your door – especially when you're bathing, changing and generally don't want to be caught by strangers,” writes advising. Even without malicious intent, hotels can fail when an already occupied room is booked at the reception – every frequent tourist can remember such an incident. “I saw a lot of things that I should not have seen. Therefore, I quickly learned to sleep, wash and change clothes with a mandatory chain on the door, ”the blogger writes. However, the lock-stop, equipped with a signal that will wake even a soundly sleeping tourist, she also advises.

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