WORLD bypassed sanctions: hotels in Turkey again began to accept Russian cards, including Mastercard and Visa

The WORLD circumvented sanctions: hotels in Turkey started accepting Russian cards again, including Mastercard and Visa

Hotels and retail outlets in Turkey appear to have taken advantage of an “unofficial go-ahead” to allow Russian payment services to be connected. As a result, in some hotels and other tourist points of Turkey, Russian cards have again started to work, and in some cases we are talking not only about Mir, but also the “sub-sanctioned” Mastercard and Visa payment systems from cards of Russian banks.

In particular, according to the Izvestia material, at least five Turkish hotels – and in some cases we are talking about hotel chains – successfully resumed reception of the Russian Mir in October. So, at the Papillon Zeugma Relaxury hotel, the Russian Sigma system was connected, which accepts Russian cards, and then sends the payment to a bank in the Russian Federation minus a commission. Papillon Belvil also connected an alternative Russian service for accepting payments, thanks to which tourists can pay not only with Mir cards, but also with Visa and Mastercard of Russian banks. The scheme is as follows: the cost of services is calculated in euros, then the terminal shows the result in rubles at the rate of approximately 72–74 €/rub., and the buyer can either agree or make a payment in another way. Three hotels of the Turkish Nirvana chain also told Izvestia that they continued to accept Mir cards, but did not specify which bank or service processes transactions.

Interestingly, according to the publication, these are not the only options: Russian “plastic” can “roll” in other places. Tourists stated that they were able to pay with Mir for hotels, for example, in Cappadocia, pay in shopping centers in Antalya, etc. So it is likely that soon the “card” problem in Turkey will be successfully solved “from below”.

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