You can’t just get into Abkhazia now: tourists reported a huge zigzag

You can't just get into Abkhazia now: tourists reported a huge zigzag

High season, return of tourists to Abkhazia and growth in demand due to rising prices on alternative routes led to the return of traditional traffic jams on the border with Abkhazia. “Cars zigzag,” tourists write, describing traffic jams.

You have to wait for hours: there are many more tourists than the border checkpoint manages to pass. At the same time, last year, the mayor of Sochi, Alexei Kopaygorodsky, called for solving the problem of the low throughput of the Psou checkpoint. According to him, 50,000 people and about 10,000 cars go to Abkhazia every day. The existing checkpoint can hardly cope with the load, as a result, people have to stand in the sun for hours.

Chairman of the Committee on International, Inter-Parliamentary Relations and Relations with Compatriots of the Parliament of Abkhazia Alkhas Bartsits assured at the same time that a decision was made within two weeks open an additional checkpoint. However, the situation has not changed.

Moreover, on average, it takes about 2.5 hours to check the documents of tourists in one bus on the Russian side. As tourists who post “zigzags” of cars queuing on social networks claim, although they are lovers of relaxation in Abkhazia, many hours of queues at the border are a serious minus for recreation. “The lines at the border crossings are huge, be prepared to stand for a couple of hours. But the border guards are trying, 600 people stood, no less,” they say.

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